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Issue 4 - April 1972
The press treatment of the skinheads breaking up or attempting to break up rag day floats is another example of their biased treatment. For many of the youths it was a protest against the affluent (comparatively anyway) conditions of the students on full grants compared with the wage earning and tax paying youths.

Grants are often higher than take home pay, living conditions better than they could afford in a flat or more pleasant than if at home, and recreation facilities at Dunelm House and elsewhere vastly better than the virtually nonexistent facilities in Durham.

Yet in the press it was represented simply as skinheads causing agro. A reporter was contacted by one youth (who has longish hair) who wanted their side of the story to be put. A story did appear in the good old Evening Chronicle about attempts to bridge the gulf between skins and students.

Meanwhile bitterness grows…. and the inarticulate (even if they are wrong in their analysis and actions) have no way of putting their case apart from causing agro.