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Issue 4 - April 1972
A few weeks ago we got a letter from 2 chicks who are at a Private Church School.

The article was too long to print in full, so the following is a shortened version of their complaints.

"We feel that the whole private school system is wrong as it is. It only caters for a small minority of the more affluent members of society ... why should we get a better education just because our parents happen to be richer than some?"

They go on to talk about the suppression they feel in their school:

"When a chick who was told to tie her hair back demanded, quite pleasantly and politely, a good reason why she should, ... she was brought up before the headmistress who told her straight that while she was at this school she had no rights except to ask her parents to take her away."

Another chick got into trouble for being cheeky to a sixth former.

"The headmistress threatened to ruin this girl's career by giving a bad reference to her future employer."

The letter went on to talk about school rules.

"The rules profess to discipline us to take a high place in society ... about 50% of the school rules concern school uniform and are trivial and petty. Some of the rules are really weird."

Example 1
In the summer you've got to wear a panama hat and a blazer, not a cardigan which is much thinner.

Example 2
You can't eat in public places in school uniform. It's considered 'not nice'.

Example 3
If hair is past collar length it must be tied back with a school colour ribbon.

Example 4
(We left this till last) Winter school knickers must be big baggy green flannel ones and summer ones are supposed to be orange and checky.

"... and tights are not allowed ... they are considered unhygienic although the headmistress wears them. We're supposed to wear suspenders and stockings. Cor! We reckon all the freaks will be lying on the pavements to see if we do."