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Issue 4 - April 1972
Black Marks
The following document is given to teachers at Barrington Secondary School, Bishop Auckland by its headmaster.

'Black Marks' are given to children for the 'offences' outlined below. Each 'offence' is followed by its 'Black Marks' score.

Three Black Marks in one week and the child is sent to detention. Detention usually entails copying from the Bible during normal school working hours.

If a child is sent to detention twice in one week he is then put on 'Solitary'. This entails a child working on his own outside the headmaster's office with his door open all the time.

Date ¼
2 in a toilet - ½
Receiving with knowledge of theft 1
Smoking or possessing cigs ½
Mild cheek, bad manners ¼
Insolence 1
Fighting (serious) in class 1
Malingering ¼ - ½
Disobedience ¼ - ½
Rings or earrings ¼
Gum or chewing other sweets ¼
Disturbing a lesson shouting ½ - 1
Bullying ½ - 1
Foul language to teacher 1
Foul language heard incidentally ½
Dangerous play in yard ½
Breaking up a game ¼
Truanting 1
Lying ½ - 1
Destruction of property ½ - 1
Disfiguring walls ½ - 1
Climbing in toilets ½
Over wall without permission ¼
Loitering outside school ¼
Misbehaviour at dinner table ¼
Spitting on other child 1
Staying out of lesson 1
No absence note 1
Forged absence note 1
Talking in assembly 1
Stealing 1
Not reporting after being absent ½
Leaving PE strip at home after washing ¼
No apron for domestic science ¼
Borrowed articles not returned next day (marks per day) ¼
In toilets after 5-min whistle 1
Snowballing ½
Elastic bands, possession or misuse of ¼ - ½
Fireworks 1
Wearing outer coats in class ¼

Note: Muther Grumble suggests using the above in the home. See how many you can score in a day!