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Issue 4 - April 1972
Newcastle Free School
There have been several meetings so far concerned with the setting up of a Free School in Newcastle. A number of teachers have showed interest and contact has been made with several groups of parents in the West End Area.

Further meetings will be held and it is hoped that more and more parents will become involved in the discussion of whether or not they want a free school in their area. Meanwhile a number of parents are already clear in their mind that they do want a free school and would send their children to such a school should it be established.

A number of teachers who are interested in setting up the school now feel that there are a sufficient number of parents who have indicated their support to justify starting the project immediately if suitable premises and sufficient resources can be found.

Start now

If the job of finding premises and raising funds etc is left to the people in the area then it will be a long time before the school will come into being. Our immediate aims are modest, we believe that if we could acquire nothing more than a reasonable sized house or small hall and begin with perhaps only half a dozen children then this will act as a nucleus which will draw support, talent and more children - it will grow and extend.

If anybody can provide any sort of practical assistance to get the thing started we'd be very pleased to hear from you. Write to:
C/o Muther Grumble
13 Silver St, Durham City

Dave, Tim, Alison, Alan, June and many more.