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Issue 4 - April 1972
Dear Ma,
Dear Muther Grumble,
When I first picked up your paper I thought it was gonna be somethin' really different: the article on the 'Brain Police' (MG 2) took away my illusions. What's all this crap about School's Councils and School's Action Groups? I've been thru all that an' it's all pretty pointless. Fuck working alongside and in co-operation with the system; a vile monster of a system we want to destroy. Organisation is necessary but not that kind (MG 2, Marx - Groucho Style).

SAU's play the same power struggle games as the CP and all the rest of the leftish alphabet soup. Nobody's ever gonna get turned on by SAU leaflets or such naive propaganda as the 'little red school book'.

Why should the students benefit from running their schools - all in all the purpose of the school would be the same - to mould people, fuck up their minds.

Let's make it Marxism - Groucho Style - let's run thru staff rooms cuttin' off the teachers' ties - let's mess up the system - let's organise to fuck the system and not to play along with it.

The case of those guys expelled from Sunderland College of Education was crazy: what did they expect? A frank talk and action from the staff? They must have known where they'd end up. They're out of the educational rat race (well, part of it) and should be thankful.

Do what you feel you can do. If you can cultivate your mind while still fucking the education system from the inside - then do it.

If you feel you're best out - then get out. But for Christ's sake leave all the politico razzmatazz to the power-mad cock-happy 'organised' left.

Love, peace and sex to all (even the trendy left).



Muther Grumble
I don't know about anyone else around here, but I'm sick of being ripped-off for 'underground' mags (OZ, IT, FRENDZ etc). So I've started ripping people off myself. I sell Frendz for 5p less than stated price of 15p and still make 2½p per copy.

If anyone else is sick of being ripped-off contact me. If enough people / heads / straights / school kids get together we can cut out all the middlemen. I don't want simply to increase my own profit, I'll gladly give that up if we can set up a genuine alternative, not just a different paper going through different channels ripping off different people and giving vast profits to different people.

If a bunch of heads could get together and buy papers like Frendz, Muther Grumble etc and not sink into ripping-off others it could develop. We might get a nice alternative, God it could be so nice.

Try! Somebody in Teesside contact me. If you only want a cheaper paper.

Love Rob.
6 Turner Street
Redcar, Teesside


Dear Muther,
We'd like to put an ad on your wall to the effect that Laraine and Bill would like somewhere to live, preferably in Northumberland. It would be nice if we could also get some interesting work especially if it helps someone out. We'll have a go at just about anything: artistic, clerical, design, dress making, carving, planting things or chasing chickens so if you know of anyone who needs help with anything or wants something made or a skin cured tell them about us please. It's best if we can do things either at home or in Newcastle which is pretty central.

Instead of using detergents which are nasty boil ivy leaves in water, they make a lovely lather which is especially good for washing clothes in.

With lots of love
Laraine and Bill
Blyth - Northumberland


Dear Ma,
At last! A paper which really makes contact, does not insult the intelligence and does acknowledge the fact that all people are not cast in the same mould and there is more than one way to look at life.

It's the first time I have read anything that seems to create no barriers between types of people and really does project the warmth and friendliness of the people responsible for getting the paper together. It's really encouraging to know that an effort is being made to create a central point through which people like myself and many others can express and exchange their feelings in a way which they could never manage through any other media and would probably be too shy to do on a personal basis.

Perhaps I could sell your paper. Please contact me if you want me to do so, or if I can help in any other way.

I especially like what your paper is trying to do in the way of stamping out loneliness and feelings of not belonging. So many young people feel this way and it's not only sad but frightening to think where it could lead.

Keep up the amazing work.

Love Beryl.


Dear Friends,
I obtained my first copy of Muther Grumble in Manchester last week (No.2). I shall now look forward to obtaining further issues and wish you well with this venture.

There is just one point that needs correction. On page 5, under Gay Bust, last paragraph, you write, "The lowering of the age of majority after the Latey Commission also applies to the legality of consenting homosexuals making love in private". This is not the case. When the law relating to homosexuals was before parliament there were many MPs who wanted the age of consent to be 30 not 21, and it6 was only with difficulty that the age was fixed at 21.

It was not therefore to be expected that a further reduction would be obtained when the age of majority was reduced to 18, only a year or two later. The latter measure was selective, relating to marriage without parental consent etc, but does not apply to homosexuals.

This is one of the further reforms being sought by such organisations as the Gay Liberation Front; but if anyone was to act on your note, as if the reform had already been obtained, this could entail unpleasant personal consequences for them. Perhaps you will be able to do something in your next edition to correct this impression.

Yours sincerely,
Colin Powell


Dear Muther Grumble
If MG is a community newspaper, then we should be concerned with the rural community as well as with life in the cities. Perhaps the most degrading desecration of country life and values lies in the continuance and, in some cases, the recent growth in popularity of blood sports or - to use the euphemism of the hunter - 'field sports'. Hare coursing and fox and otter hunting are particularly barbaric examples of these 'field sports', the perpetuation of which seems out of place in the supposedly civilised late twentieth century.

All the attempts at justifying their cruelty by blood sports enthusiasts were long ago exposed for the mealy-mouthed hypocritical garbage which they are. It was claimed to be largely a question of pest control and a service to the countryside until it was discovered that the Duke of Beaufort and others were breeding foxes for hunting on their estates. Blood sports are a pathetic reflection of rural class structure and relationships. As yet, the powerful national blood sports lobby has prevented the banning of hunting by legislation.

In the North-East there are several fox hunts and one of the 16 remaining otterhunts in the country; they often hunt in the vicinity of Newcastle and would be vulnerable to concerted anti-blood sports action.

The Hunt Saboteurs' Association is committed to obstructing, through non-violent direct action as many local hunts as possible and to conducting a vigorous campaign of propaganda against blood sports.

If you are interested in helping you will find addresses on the graffiti page.

Dave Faulkner