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Issue 3 - March 1972
In June 71 a leaflet was sent out by the Dwarfs in London which began with:

"The Dwarf Movement was started at the beginning of this year (71) as the Aquarian Liberation Front, with the broad aim of establishing an alternative society, without government, authority or bureaucracy, in which all men, women, black, white, young, old, gay, heterosexual etc can live in peace, freedom, love and harmony with themselves, each other and their environment.

After many discussions and changes of name the first Dwarf carnival happened in Portobello Road in March (71). More than 2,000 people sang, played and danced in the streets with Hawkwind and others.

Dwarf mushroomed from this, with a big public meeting at BIT at which many people from all over London and the country got together afterwards to form Dwarf groups in their communities, towns and cities."

That's how it started and since then Dwarf has grown and expanded in the British Isles except in one place and that's the north-east, but now an attempt is being made to start one or more groups in the north-east. While the north-east has a reasonably large population of freaks, heads and hippies, virtually nothing has been done to bring a community spirit to the region.

Dwarf are in need of people who really believe in the Alternative Society and not just in following the crowd, because if a Dwarf group or groups is to begin and to flourish we'll have to start many Dwarf Ministries, not like the ones in Whitehall which make laws for people to break, but Ministries to help people find crash-pads, to help in squatting, to give information on communes, to help in the growing of macro food and all the other things which make up the REAL Alternative to what is now laughingly called the Modern Society of the Straights or Plastics, and for these Ministries we'll need people who'll work long and hard, for no pay, to collect all the necessary information.

No matter where you live in the north-east or whatever or whoever you are, if you want to move away from this machine in which we are forced to live then don't just sit there either agreeing or disagreeing because what is needed is a dialogue between all the people in the region as a whole and for the flow of information about starting a new group or groups of the Dwarfs, and for action as well as words.