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Issue 3 - March 1972
Music Review
Lindisfarne - Newcastle City Hall - 10th February.

The Callies from N Shields played first, doing an acoustic set featuring a nice version of Tim Hardin's 'Reason to Believe' brought to fame recently by Rod 'the mod' Stewart. This group featured some nice vocal harmonies and, I understand, have an album out shortly.

'Good Habit' followed this set with some really nice 'Acid' rock (watch it, Hawkwind, maybe competition) and featured some nice clarinet work. A work called 'Flying' particularly sticks in my mind. A bunch of really talented musicians from Wales and it will be good to see them again in the future.

Ron Geesin appeared next and I think maybe freaked a few of the audience with his particular style of comedy and music. Unfortunately the majority (nasty word) only wanted to see Lindisfarne and poor Ron was slow handclapped by the Lindisfarne fans and eventually left the stage. Personally I think this act by the audience destroyed the evening's atmosphere. But I hope Ron doesn't hold this against Newcastle and that we will have a chance to see him back in the north-east soon.

Lindisfarne came on stage and the City Hall erupted into 'Clear White Light' as TV cameras started rolling (and rocking). Lindisfarne went into numbers featured on the 1st and 2nd albums including Alan Hull's 'We can swing Together', 'Lady Eleanor' and the more recent 'Fog on the Tyne' as well as - yes, you've guessed - 'Clear White Light' together with new and as yet unreleased material. The ovation Lindisfarne received was well deserved as they completed a really good set.