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Issue 3 - March 1972
Flying Tour

At 2pm on Sunday 13th Feb two transit vans rolled up outside Newcastle Students Union.

Two roadies approached 'Courier' office (Newcastle University Paper) saying "Hullo, we're Wings and are doing lightning gigs up and down the country at non-arranged venues, can you fix us up with somewhere to play?"

Inside the vans full of kids, long-haired people and dogs, Paul and Linda McCartney were recognisable.

Stan Calbert (warden at Havelock Hall) fixed them up to play there.

Paul McCartney stated that he wanted the charge to be 50p a ticket; the hall porter set 500 as the maximum gate. Havelock Hall wanted to charge 60p and so make a certain amount to go to the hall funds, but McCartney disagreed and said 50p per ticket or no gig.

McCartney and Wings then proceeded to lift all the door money, i.e. £250, perhaps for their expenses as when a hotel was recommended (quote: "Money no object") decided to go for the recommended hotel and stay at the Swallow (very classy).

McCartney and Wings played two 1-hour sets in which they featured Paul's new single 'Give Ireland back to the Irish' twice.

Paul says he is pleased that this has been banned nationally as he thinks this is the best thing that could happen to it and will probably help to increase sales.

The music was classed by those who heard it as funky blues and pretty good stuff at that.

Unfortunately owing to the surprise visit only a select audience of 500 University Hall of Residence students were able to attend.

The impression McCartney gave was that he had decided to do lightning gigs at no fixed venues as he did not want a large number of people to attend.

Possibly all he really wanted was to get the feel of being on tour again but not perhaps to encounter large audiences and maybe run into mass hysteria as in the days of Beatlemania.

To some of the audience he gave the impression of retaining his 'superstar' image - getting what he wanted.

Andy and Bernie