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Issue 3 - March 1972
A group of young people in Leyburn and the surrounding North Yorkshire Dales countryside, aghast at their recreational and cultural stagnation, and hoping to provide much-needed social services, are endeavour to set up Agape.

This will comprise: a place (+ organisation) for discos / groups / poetry readings / films / theatre / musical evenings / music classes / meetings / discussions / improvisations / happenings and wotnot: a coffee bar + soul food / wholefood / vegan or whatever restaurant (mayhap) together with art gallery on walls etc + community noticeboard; a research, info, advice and help centre: a shop for records, books, magazines, arts and crafts, aesthetic materials (supporting self and we hope contributing to rest of project): W Morris-type workshop or playpen; Magazine - Lingham - local and elsewhere goings-on, poetry, belles-lettres, features, reviews, letters, graphics etc, giving local talent an outlet 'mongst other things and if this succeeds, we might launch a little press.

We'd like please finance or ideas thereabout - we are hoping of course for premises and this will mean substantial outlay on purchase or lease, we may try for either charitable status or for membership subscriptions.

In any case we'd like publicity, mag contributions, sales outlets, ideas, interest, support.

Contact Pete Thorber, 'Rockington', Cliffe Drive, Leyburn, Yorks (tel 3167 - ask for Peter by name).