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Issue 3 - March 1972
In the continued campaign to bar anyone with long hair from the Old George Inn, Bigg Market, Newcastle, the manager (famed for his rantings on 'bloody drug fiends') threw out bodily one worthy freak whom we shall call X.

Not deterred, X returned the following day with a shoe box containing an alarm clock wired to two bits of wood. "It's a bomb" he declared, and ran. So did the manager.

Constables were summoned and general havoc created. The manager issued a summons against X and barred a few more people as a token gesture. Current estimates among informed circles put the number at 70-100 people not allowed to sup his lukewarm beer.

MAKES YA THINK! Don't take no guff from no barmen kiddies.

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As a result of a beating-up received subsequent to these incidents, while standing outside the pub talking to some friends, X has spent two stretches of two days in hospital. High time the Man discovered it's not wise to mess with crazed dope fiends. Plots are hatching, an das a fact.