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Issue 3 - March 1972
Not our class, dear
You might think that if you pay your rent and are a good tenant you are secure. But no … not if you live in Jesmond, Newcastle. There, the Council are trying to evict people in the multi-occupied houses scattered amongst the most elegant and true blue houses in Newcastle.

Their method - an obscure bye-law no-one had heard of - saying that such houses should have official approval. They say they are doing this to see that such houses are properly maintained. But they have refused to use their powers to force landlords to look after their property.

The real reason is that self-styled 'best people' don't like living amongst the worst (that is the people whose income is the worst and can afford only one room).

So far vague promises have been given to students who are organised through the NUS but none to the mass of tenants - the lower paid workers and unemployed.

The moral - get organised and fight.