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Issue 3 - March 1972
Durham Arts Centre
Durham City, home of the Cathedral and the ultra-conservative University, is sadly lacking in any central arts centre. Therefore I am trying to set up such a centre, to be open to all.

Several difficulties, mainly financial, will have to be overcome but I hope the centre will contain: a theatre cum cinema adaptable for travelling exhibitions, talks and educational purposes during the day, an area for exhibiting art, sculpture, photography and pottery. In time it would include painting facilities and silk-screen press, and a coffee / snack bar. The activities will be for you and your friends to act, exhibit, and merely observe - it depends on you for artistic and financial support.

Such support is already growing, and on the weight of this the authorities must take note. To some this project will conflict with the city's theatre plan at Milburngate that will finish in 8 years and, with a change of heart, might include youth facilities.

In the interim something must be created to fill the void that now exists. There is no reason why the activities should conflict - in fact they should be complementary to each other.

Anyone interested in this idea can contact me at Muther Grumble.