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Issue 1 - December 1971
Take-away Kept-away
Not content with just locking up Indian student Yugal Bahl in Durham Jail, the Home Office seemed bent on humiliating him in every possible way.

When a well-wisher sent Yugal some Indian food, the authorities refused to take it to his cell.

The reason? - "Simple" said the Home Office - "The meal did not have liquid in it.

If it had been brought to the jail with tea, or coffee, or milk, he would have been allowed to have it.

"The meal is not complete," added the spokesman.

Yugal's only crime, of course, was to arrive in England after being accepted by Monkwearmouth College to study maths, physics and chemistry at 'A' level.

He may well now regret the 3,000 miles he travelled in order to sample the education of a society which cannot even treat him in a civilised fashion.